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The only Intelligent Robotic vacuum Cleaner of India


In this age of technology, robots have been at the core as they offer higher flexibility and productivity than humans. It is this advantage with robots; that made us look out for intelligent solutions for making our lives better. This inspired us to leverage on this ever-expanding robotic technology for the betterment of humans and come up with one of the best robot vacuum cleaner in India. Keeping your home neat and tidy can be a tough job at times, especially in a fast-developing urban India, where we are crunched for time and what else can be handier than having an intelligent vacuum cleaner. This was when we decided to develop the most intelligent robot vacuum cleaner in India.

Our Aspiration

At HM Robots, we aspire to be counted as one of the leading intelligent robot manufacturers known for the most user-friendly and best robot vacuum cleaner in Bhopal and across India.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India


It is equipped with powerful suction cleaning that can pull up dirt from the floor with ease and is remote-controlled enabled.

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Best Robotic vacuum cleaner in India


The intelligent FR-6S is empowered with selective cleaning, where you can schedule your cleaning as per your needs.

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Automatic Vacuum Cleaner in India


Its powerful sensor lets it navigate its way easily into any room you want via the fastest possible route

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Automatic Vacuum Cleaner in India


The HM-786 has one of the most superior quality brushes with boosted bristle density for powerful floor cleaning.

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Our intelligent floor cleaner robots; empowered with the latest robotic technology are manufactured in India with the vision to transform the way automated technology has enhanced our lives. We are motivated by this zeal to deliver you superior grade intelligent vacuum cleaner robots that will make your lives easier and comfortable.
Having a neat and clean home is essential as an unclean house can be the starting place of several allergies and diseases. Our intelligent robot vacuum floor cleaner comes to the rescue, where at the press of a button you can get effortless cleaning. Our automated floor vacuum cleaner robot is a wireless device, with an in-built sensor and camera for easy navigation.
These floor vacuum cleaners come with a powerful map-reading system, UV sterilization for Bacteria and Mite, are Self-Charging, have Wi-Fi Connectivity and powerful dirt detection features; made to detect and filter the germs easily to keep your home clean and healthy.
These stylish and powerful cleaners are also equipped with Drop-sensing technology, have high suction filters which pick up pet hair and any other types of dirt from floor surfaces including carpets. You can monitor the floor vacuum robot through voice-control technology.
We are a subsidiary venture of HM Distributors; one of the leading mobile distribution companies in India. Our manufacturing and R&D Team is entirely dedicated to creating futuristic automated floor vacuum cleaners and making HM Robots a market leader in the industry in India and globally. We are based in Bhopal, India.


The efficient self-charging feature of these floor vacuum cleaner robots adds to their intelligence. Once its battery power reduces, it returns to the charging dock and connects to it on its own for recharging.


This Wi-Fi connected floor vacuum cleaner robot lets you control and monitor it from your smartphone app. Now schedule the cleaning as per your needs and the time you want, and get notifications on your mobile.


With an in-built powerful navigation system, this floor cleaner robot can navigate easily into any room you want, through the fastest route without getting stuck anywhere and avoid falling off from any surface.

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