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At HM Robots, we have a passion for attending to issues with a creative bent of mind. It is this passion and zeal that makes us deliver to you the best quality products that surpass your expectations and requirements. Our manufacturing standards are at par with international quality standards, and we strive hard every day to make your lives easier and smarter. Our home robots are created to revolutionize the way technology has enhanced our lives.
Given the trends since a couple of decades, Robotic technology is here to stay, and we are working on leveraging it for the benefit of commoners. Having a clean, tidy home, and equally clean surroundings are vital as they can be the source of allergies and any other diseases. So if you are eager on trying out home robots for the purpose of cleaning, then you should not miss out on our latest automated vacuum cleaners. Our robotic vacuum cleaners use the latest technology of cleaning up the dirt by sucking in things and are powered by the “Roomba Navigation System”.
HM Robots is a subsidiary venture of HM Distributors, who are one of the market leaders in mobile distribution across India. HM Distributors stepped into the mobile distribution business nearly two decades back in the year 2000. HM Distributors are based in Bhopal and currently are dealing in 49 districts of Madhya Pradesh with a team of 115 distributors.
We decided on taking this experience further through our new enterprise HM Robots and envisioned of making your lives more comfortable and better through futuristic technology. Our team is entirely dedicated to creating state-of-the-art home robotic appliances and make HM Robots a leading name in the domain in India and on the global stage.

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